¨ The tuning system focuses on Harley-Davidson engines equipped with DELPHI EFI (diagnostic communication J1850 or CAN)

¨ The tuning system is based on diagnostic system MS531-HD. The MS531-HD is a professional diagnostic tool for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles; the basic tuning software will be included as a free option in the diagnostic software Version 12. To tune an individual motorcycle a TUNING DONGLE must be purchased that can be used for that specific motorcycle.

¨ The tuning process does not require the installation of additional components or any motorcycle harness modifications. Tuning is based on the modification of EFI Calibrations (software modification) exclusively via the diagnostic connector.

¨ The first step in Tuning is saving of the original EFI Calibration. The tuning operator can restore the original EFI Calibration at any time during tuning process (stock calibration).

¨ The tuning process is used to optimize Fuel Maps in case of any changes to the configuration of engine components or accessories (exhaust or/and intake system etc.)

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Harley Davidson Engine Tuning

¨ Easy Manual Tuning (Adjusting). This method is the low cost tuning represented by EASY MODE in tuning software. EASY MODE provides the ability to adjust Fuel Trim table, Acceleration Enrichment, Spark Advance table manually in a limited range of +/-20%, switch On/Off Lambda Closed Loop and Throttle By Wire speed  up. Other functions are restricted.


¨ Advanced Tuning - Map Flashing from Database. By this method of tuning it is possible to use full range of the tuning functions. The method provides ability to use an embedded database of calibrations. These calibrations (maps) are pre-set for several configurations of exhaust and intake components (open exhaust, intake and combinations). Advanced tuning method provides important improvement of engine functions. during a Road Test


¨ Professional Tuning - Engine Fuel Maps Optimization. The key function is here VOLUMETRIC EFFICIENCY MAP MEASUREMENT under load. It means real VE maps measurement of each engine configuration.VE map measurement can be done on an appropriate Roller Station such as the SMART POWER BENCH, or during a Road Test on the street. Professional tuning method provides the best bike tuning for each special engine –maximum efficiency, torque and power.



This device is a basic component of the professional diagnostic tool MS531-HD. This interface was developed with a long term view to the future in diagnostics and tuning. It is still one device only for professional diagnostics and tuning of J1850 and CAN communicating motorcycle models. The purchase of the AFR TUNING MONITOR is only necessary if the Advanced Tuning option is desired.


This tuning software package is software that is embedded in the MS531-HD diagnostic software from Version 12 onward as a free option. The tuning menu is user friendly and equipped with a tuning guide


The key function of the Tuning Dongle is saving of the original EFI calibration. Thanks to this function the original calibration can be restored at any time. The tuning dongle also incorporates the tuning license exclusively for one motorcycle and must be purchased for tuning of each individual motorcycle and will be mated to the ECM of that motorcycle.

Tuning Dongel


The AFR Tuning Monitor is used for the advanced Tuning level and consist of two Wideband Air/Fuel ratio Sensors and a compact electronic unit. It is an option for the MS531-HD COMMUNICATION INTERFACE


Throttle control limiter is a useful option for VE map measuring. This tool helps in setting of constant throttle position during acceleration or deceleration.


This set is an option to AFR Tuning Monitor. It allows you to install a pair of wide band oxygen sensors on all exhausts where it is not possible to simply replace the installed oxygen sensors (M18 thread).

Installation targets

¨ Exhaust equipped with M18 fitting where there is not enough space for longer wide band oxygen sensor

¨ Exhaust equipped with M12 fitting oxygen sensors on newer H-D bikes

¨ Exhaust without any fitting The set contains a powerful double pump, which ensures high accuracy and measurement speed of real AFR in each cylinder. The pump is powered from 12V supply and can therefore be used also for a road test. All tools necessary (less drill) are included.

Smart Power Bench


Power bench for bike diagnostics and tuning

¨ Simulates engine load equivalent to road test •Gear 1

¨ Simulates double load for comfortable tuning measurements (VE maps) • Gear 2

¨ Provides measurements for both power and torque curves • Gear 1

¨ Facilitates measurement of VE maps for engine tuning

¨ Provides the opportunity to carry out engine diagnostics while under a load

¨ Utilizes built in fan for engine & rear tire cooling

¨ Embedded protection of rear tire


The Smart Power Bench is the ideal product for dealers and repair shops that want to use the diagnostic and/or tuning capabilities of MS531-HD to their full extend, including simulation of a road test. The smart design with a heavy weight and large diameter roller with built-in cooling fan simulates engine load equivalent to a road test, provides data for both power and torque curves, facilitates measurements of Volumetric Efficiency maps for engine tuning and give the opportunity to carry out engine diagnostics while under a load. The Smart Power Bench does not feature an eddy current or other type of brake. Instead, it uses a drum-driven fan system, giving more resistance when the rear wheel speed increases. This clever design makes it an affordable investment for any bike shop. Measuring only 99” long, 19” high and 40” wide, it does not require much space in your workshop either.

· Weight: 550kg (1213 Lbs)

· Dimensions: 2,5m x 0,48m x 1m (99" x 19" x 40”)

· Roller Diameter: 450mm (18”)

· Total Momentum of Inertia: 12 kgm˛ (285 Pound foot˛)

· Fan Power Dissipation: up to 50 kW at 250 km/h (70 HP at 150 MPH) Gear 1

· Fan Power Dissipation: up to 80 kW at 180 km/h (80 HP at 100 MPH) - Gear 2

· Maximum Roller Velocity: 250 km/h (150 MPH • Gear 1)

· Maximum Roller Velocity: 160 km/h (100 MPH • Gear 2)

· PC Interface: RS 232 or USB

· Power Supply: 12VDC - 0.2A or 230VAC less than 2W

· Cooling Rear Tire

· Temperature Measurement of Rear Tire (IR measurement)

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